The Ranch and Ridge are two camps sharing one property.


The Ranch is a children’s camp with programming, activities, meetings, environments, and spiritual instruction developed for elementary students.  We strategically design the camp schedule and each camp element for the cognitive, emotional, physical, and social distinctives of elementary-aged students.  
The western theme recreates the “Old West” with cowboys and horses, play-acting bandits, and the campers love the Wild West Show and Rodeo.


The Ridge is a middle school camp program.  Older campers experience later evenings, different activities, and more activity options.  The spiritual teaching and methodology is geared toward pre-teens.  
There are some camp activities which, due to their physical requirements, complexity, or maturity-level required are reserved for older campers.  These are activities such as paintball, mountain biking, and riflery. The Outpost game environment is also reserved for Ridge campers only.  Spiritual and design themes change each year.  


Separate, weekly Bible teachers instruct the two camps.  Though the two camp programs share the same property, campers are housed separately and meet in separate environments.  
While there is occasional overlap in free time activities, and meals are in a common area, campers of the two programs rarely intersect during the course of the week.