Campers at the Island will be issued a Camper Bank Card on which to store any spending money for the week.  To avoid loss and theft, campers are strongly discouraged from carrying cash, and all sales points (Bookstore, Snack Shack, Beach, Paintball, etc.) will accept the Camper Bank Card.   

The amount of spending money is up to individual family preference. Campers are told their remaining balance at every transaction and may check their balance at any time at any sales point.

Parents may check the balance on their camper’s Bank Card and may reload it from home by calling the Camp Office.  

If Camper Bank Cards are lost or stolen, a replacement card will be issued with whatever the remaining balance was on the card at the point it was reported missing.  Word of Life is not responsible for any money not deposited onto a Camper Bank Card.

Campers and parents have 3 options regarding any money still remaining on the Camper Bank Card at the end of a camper’s stay.  They have the choice to:
1. Save the card to be used at Snowcamp or summer camp the following year,
2. Receive the remaining balance (if it is above $5.00) in cash at Camper Check-out,
3. Be issued a refund check (if it is above $5.00) and have it sent to the address of the account holder after departure from camp

Do Island campers need a camper bank card?

We highly recommend a camper bank card to avoid the situation of lost or stolen cash.